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MOTORVATION39 | 31 JAN -02 FEB 2025

MotorPlex, Perth WA 


  1. Payment: The Company must pay the Organiser as per the agreed schedule. Failure to pay may result in termination of the contract, with a 50% non-refundable deposit, payable by due date on invoice.

  2. Cancellation:

    • More than 14 weeks prior to the event: 50% deposit non-refundable.

    • Less than 14 weeks before the event: No refund.

  3. Refunds: Refunds are only granted as per the cancellation terms.

  4. Use of Space: Company must use space only for relevant display and promotion.

  5. Product Limitation: Only official supplier products may be sold. No vulgarity, offensive, or derogatory material is allowed.

  6. Compliance: All compliance documents must be submitted by the due date. Failure to comply may result in cancellation without notification as per these Ts & Cs.

  7. Damage: Company must not damage the Event venue; liable for damages.

  8. Legal Compliance: Company must comply with all applicable laws.

  9. Cleanliness: Company must keep allocated space tidy.

  10. Activities: No unauthorized lotteries or games allowed. No spruiking or soliciting anywhere at the event.

  11. Sound: No sound amplification without prior consent.

  12. Electrical Work: No unauthorized electrical work.

  13. Organiser's Discretion: Organiser may refuse/cancel/relocate at its discretion.

  14. Event Changes: Organiser may change dates, duration, or venue.

  15. Disturbances: Organiser may request removal of disruptive displays.

  16. Liability: Organiser excludes certain liabilities; no guarantees made.

  17. Indemnity: Company indemnifies Organiser against claims.

  18. Supply of Services: Organiser aims to provide services but is not liable for sales reduction.

  19. Force Majeure: Organiser not liable for events beyond control.

  20. Design Approval: Stand designs above 2.4 meters must be approved.

  21. Insurance: Company must maintain public liability insurance.

  22. Privacy: Company contact information may be disclosed for Event purposes.

  23. Governing Law: Australian Capital Territory laws apply.

  24. Waiver: Waiver of breach must be in writing.

  25. Variation: Any variations must be in writing.

  26. Survival: Warranties and indemnities survive termination.

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